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Ep 338 - We Got Our Guy!

Jam packed episode. Award Season, Portal Season, NC State's new QB, sky-high expectations for 2024, who is next in the portal and did MJ Morris really join our chat?
Ep 338 - We Got Our Guy!

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Show Notes

House keeping

  • Pod producer
  • Social Media guy

Payton Wilson AA


NC State top 10 transfer portal ranking

18 outgoing

Grayson McCall Commits

  • What are we getting?
    • 10,000 yards passing
    • 1,000 yards rushing
    • 3x Conf. Player of the year
    • 88 TDs, 14 INTs (18 rushing IDs too)
    • 28-5 (32 - 8 if you include Beck year) 48 yards rushing with beck. 
    • Career 70% completion ratio

Vs 3 P5 teams

68% completion, 8 YPA, 6 TD, 2 INT, 3 rushing TDs

NC State last two years

58% completion, 6.45 YPA, 40 TDs, 19 INT, 11 rushing TDs

Pod Q

GMc production expectations? More, Less Same as all the QBs this year?

Grayson McCall did his best work under Chadwell…he obviously regressed under Beck, similar to BA under Des Kitchings before he got here…are we gonna see another shit show of a 1 year rental? Then a qb shuffle the rest of the season?  (I hope not, i think they have figured out what you need to do in order to be successful, things went best when they kept it simple)

Cover3 Reaction

  • MJ Morris committed to Maryland
  • Rooks to Easter Mich


  • Has taken over Black Monday and I love it. Its also killed HS recruiting
  • 17 in the portal for NC State


  1. two years and two portal QBs. More excited about McCall or when Armstrong committed? Numbers wise coming to Raleigh could argue either way

2. odds that PW plays in the bowl game…him just doesn’t seem like the guy to take himself out, like he really wants to finish this thing out there battling with his teammates..but totally understand if he does decide to sit out..

  • Is there anyone on defense that can help fill the void that is Payton Wilson?
  • Are we done at qb with Bailey saying he’s locked in? What do you want to see us do there if not?
  • When does CDD name Gibby the coach in waiting?
    • How long does CDD have left if we are recruiting like this
  • What do we realistically need to expect a 10 or 11 win season
  • Where do we reserve hotels for the pack and the 2024 CFB playoffs
    • I can see the Dave haters now “but he needed 12 team playoff to make it”
    • Where are we going for the playoff opener next year?
  • We need to have the year of pessimism in 2024 to hold expectations in check
  • Is Grayson McCalls Mullet his strength like Sampson from the Bible or was that just a myrtle beach vibe?
    • Since we’ll have a first round bye in next years CFP, do you think the quarter finals will Be before Christmas?
    • Last one and most serious one, we say jokingly a lot “we got our guy”, have we actually “got our guy” so far in the portal?

1) Most concerning & most inspiring part of MBB so far?

2) How realistic is Noah Rogers jumping in the portal?

3) Would UConn TE force Vareen out?

4) Do we think a potential pass-catcher group of KC, Collins, Vareen, Paylor, Anderson is enough or do we need more? (Forgot Grimes)

5) Worst Christmas tradition?

I know we are pumped for a QB but why is zeke the biggest pick up so far

How many minutes into the Tennessee game is all this optimistism going to come crashing down?

Assuming we add 2 RBs (Waters and Smothers), 1 WR (Shaw kid), 1 OL, 1 TE (Joly), Backup QB, 1 DL (JMU kid), 1 DB (Cooley). What more do think State should add? Obviously depends on available scholarships and who is leaving after the bowl game. I’m think at least 2 OL total and probably 2-3 DBs including Cooley and 1-2 LBs

With the additions at QB and OL, what is State’s current priority?

we need to win now and win big more than ever considering how things played out with the CFB selection committee this year- do yall agree that DD HAS to get rid of his conservative approach to winning games?…there was multiple times this year we had an opportunity to put more points in the board and didn’t

  • FSU got boned. I don’t understand Kirk’s issue with upset FSU fans