An independent publication about the NC State Wolfpack by the fans, for the fans - created by the people who bring you the Red & White Podcast

I'm Evan, the Red and White Podcast co-founder, the longest-running independent podcast covering NC State, and I'm here to give the fans a voice.

The podcast was started by the fans to give you a conversation from an alternative perspective and this website is here to carry on that conversation. There are plenty of other sites covering the Wolfpack, but we believed there is room for more.

Room for a place where fans can be heard. A place where it's ok to keep challenging the status quo. We want to give the fans a strong voice to be heard.

Listeners of the pod will know that we keep it real. We are here to bring you the fan perspective. Right or wrong, you'll always know where we stand.

We're not the traditional recruiting site or the place you go for inside information.  We are the place you go to have engaging conversations with other fans. Where your voice can be heard without judgment.

It's not always easy being a Wolfpack fan, but we are on this journey together.

I hope you'll join us.