No shock to anyone who has read our 'What's Next for Hoops' article a few days ago. You should check it out if you haven't already.

Here's what we said about Cam:

What will Cam Hayes do? This one remains a mystery. I know Cam loves NC State but he has to be frustrated with how he's been treated and who can blame him?  His minutes have been yo-yo'd all year and they are not using him in ways that fit his skillset. I hope he doesn't leave. I think he can really develop into a key-player under the right coaching.
I do think he probably moves on. His dad joined us in a Twitter space last week and was clearly frustrated by how his son has been treated inside the program and outside.
UNCW would make a lot of sense.
That would leave Dowuona and Gibson as the only players left from that 2020 recruiting class.

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