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Ep 166 - Hoops, Spring Game, Space

Jam packed episode after the Pack road win at Pitt.
Ep 166 - Hoops, Spring Game, Space
  • Should this be the starting 5 going forward?

  • We’re the coaching decisions we saw tonight evidence of growth or just a one time thing Keatts was forced to do?

  • What will it take for Keatts to run more zone?

  • Is it somehow realistic to think we can possibly win 1/2 against Virginia & Virginia Tech?

  • Who is worse ACC football refs or ACC basketball refs

  • Who flops more Brad Davison or Xavier Johnson?

  • With season dwindling down, does Keatts plan to give other 3 true freshman some real minutes/experience?

  • What are two things that worked today that haven’t been working?

Other Stuff

MJ Rice update

Joker covering Charlotte for recruiting.

Spring game status unknown

Is the football roster set for next year or are we expecting any more incoming or outgoing transfers? Would love to add young RB depth for when Ricky and Bam leave

How fun would it be to see State play two FCS games at the end of Spring instead of a traditional spring game with full fan attendance?