Ep 201 - Podcast Realignment

ACC Media Day, QB Rankings, WR Rankings, realignment talk, mega conferences and watermelons!

Jul 29, 2021 1 min read
Ep 201 - Podcast Realignment

Breaking down my 30+ team mega-conference plan and why the ACC needs to make big action.

Why adding West Virginia is a terrible idea.

Other than ND, what can the ACC do?

Who puts mustard on Watermelon?

ACC QB rankings



You can only have 1:
We get bumped down to the AAC but win conference championships in football, basketball, and baseball in the first 5 years
Or go to the SEC and not have a winning record for 10 years

Who is the weakest link on the coaching staff currently and why? Or a least your perception. Mine is OL.

Who are three non—power 5 programs you’d like to see on future OOC Football schedules?
Who finishes the season with the most tackles on State’s defense (Payton Wilson excluded)?

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