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Ep 254 - Desk Thumping Conversation

Desk thumping conversation about Boo, Keatts, Firing Coaches, Julius Hodge, and more.
Ep 254 - Desk Thumping Conversation

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In this Episode

Boo wins AD of the year

Kevin Keatts contract extension

Dillingham de-committs

  • Cleaned his social media of nc state
  • Watch what they do, not what they say.
  • Did he de-commit b/c of the bad fans?

Hayes, Gibson, Allen enter the portal

  • Hellems selling his gear (Devon Daniels did too)
  • Seabron gonna go
  • T

Pass, Morsell, Gantt, Ross.

NIL collective

  • Reached goal, now what?

Asst. Coaches fired

  • JH mentioned by PI - NO
  • Bad move, vanity move
  • Julius hodge?