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Ep 280 & Ep 281: Clemson Week, Let's Go!

Two pods, one post! Will took the Coolio news harder than anyone expected. Live on air.
Ep 280 & Ep 281: Clemson Week, Let's Go!

Ep 280 - Will and I discuss what we saw in the UCONN Game, our thoughts on Devin Leary so far, Clemson and Coolio dying.

Ep 281 - Are we Clemson's Rival and More with @Cubosco

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  • Storm status in Clemson
  • DJU lost a lot of weight, sort of remade himself, Is DJU good again or is it the quality of competition faced? Gt 101, wake 72, LT 114th
  • Has he done enough to end the calls for Klubnik?
  • Any fear that Klubnik leaves is DJU doesn’t go pro?

Other than the secondary, which position group do they view as a weakness or liability? Any side of the ball (D, Offense, ST).

Game specific

  • Got to start with the most important question, what are the odds Dabo wipes out running down the slippery hill?
  • Seriously though, why does he run out 100ft in front of the team?
  • Are we rivals? UNC fans deny being rivals and they are obsessed with us. Clemson fans have just thrown a lot of hate our way, does that make us rivals
  • Will the OL be able to hold up in sloppy conditions?
  • Simpson/Thomas status?

Thoughts on the 2002 Tangerine Bowl? #IYKYK