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Ep 314: ACC Expanding Again? Football Soon!

Football is almost here. Expansion talk is madness. Tez Walker, NC State recruiting, and all your questions.
Ep 314: ACC Expanding Again? Football Soon!


Tez Walker

No expansion CU fsu unc and us

Recruiting Paylor anderson

Flipping richtey from unc conspiracy

SMU gets you the Dallas market!?

Back to adding Stan Cal SMU with no money

Pete Thamel on X

The concessions expected from SMU include a willingness to take no broadcast media revenue for the first seven years they are in the league. Stanford and Cal would both receive the same share, which will both be reduced but different in form than SMU's concessions.

PodChat top 25


Dave on ACC Show

“Had some good players who limited us in what they could do but now we don’t have that limitation”

Brett McMurphy on X

UConn announces Maine transfer Joe Fagnano will be Huskies' starting QB. UConn opens season at home vs. NC State Aug. 31

“Save the playbook”

UNC is 2002 NC State

Compare 2002 State to 2022 UNC.  On fire, media darling as the surprise team.  Winning a lot of close games, brutal end to the season.  During the offseason, they lose a ton of key pieces, except the heisman candidate QB who is undoubtedly going to be a high draft pick in the spring.  New OC, lots of coaching turnover.  Lots of highly recruited players on defense who havent prouced yet.  Plus plenty of huge games in september where they could easily finish 2-2 or worse.  Lots of parallels.


Our game against Duke is a huge trap game because:

  • It is at Duke, where the game day atmosphere will be dead.
  • people underestimate Duke football because it’s Duke.
  • It’s before Clemson

What am I missing? It seems a lot like Boston College away games. Prove me wrong

Atmosphere will be good because state will fill it up more than they can against BC

  • Duke is being overrated because they had a weak schedule last year
  • That’s a good point

Havent played in Durham since 2013


I feel oddly confident about winning at Wake this year.  Am I crazy?


I like where we stand with every position group.. even WR's sound like they are coming together.. but what about depth at each of the groups?? QB depth concerns me.. QB3 & WB4??


Question for the next pod.  Thayer was our guy on that trick play they liked where he would throw a pass downfield.  Does Anae use that play and if so who’s our guy this season who makes that throw?