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Ep 343: Hose Jobs, Spring Football, Golf Balls & Exotic Pets

What do hose jobs, mullets, exotic pets have to do with NC State sports? Not much but we talk about them anyway.
Ep 343: Hose Jobs, Spring Football, Golf Balls & Exotic Pets

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Court Storming

Owen Lloyd

Spring Practice Started today

  • Starting center out for the spring.  In a sling

Updated jersey numbers are now listed on the official roster. Some notable new ones are-

Kendrick Raphael #0

Brandon Cisse #2

Grayson McCall #2

Dacari Collins #4

Red Hibbler #4

Noah Rogers #5

Wesley Grimes #6

Jordan Waters #7

Devon Betty #8

Justin Joly #15

Zeke Correll #56

Director of Player Personnel - Austin Shelton

  • Glasscock guy

Ole Miss personnel assistant

Alex Faulk - director of recruiting



UNC is essentially telling the Big Ten and SEC that 'we're a package deal with NC State' in expansion: “Carry us onward you argyle twats!”

-State got boned by the BOT and BOG back with the Valvano stuff in 1990. I don’t have any problem with them being out saving grace to force a package deal to any better conference



How confident are we that a move will be made at the end of the year? 

- Do we think ACC record or other factors have an impact on that? 

- Would 11-9 in the league without a tournament berth be viewed different by Boo then 9-11 in the league without a tournament berth?

Also curious about the pod’s take on the $ influence behind basketball and whether that’s likely to steer us toward the Ryan Odoms of the world, or if we think Boo will take some shots.

  • Why is half or more of the fanbase content with being mediocre? NC State has a long history of success. But it seems as if half of the fanbase are risk adverse. And they don’t want change when it’s obvious change is needed

What needs to happen to begin caring about MBB again?

 Realistic options for Head Coach? Besides Will Wade.\


With the new FB format, what are our predicted results?

Will the moment be too big for Dave with Tenn?

Who has a better chance of covering NIU, @ Cal, or GT

Do the expectations change for you both based on personnel that has been added?

Who leaves the football program in the Spring transfer period?

Should we be concerned with SMUs FU money?


When are we gonna talk baseball

 What golf ball do you play, and why that particular ball? 

If you could star in one movie what would it be?

If you could have an exotic pet what would it be?