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Wolfpack Weekly: MJ Edition

MJ special. MJ Morris and MJ Rice. Coach K steps down. Maryland trolls Scheyer, and even tennis recruiting....yep, tennis.
Wolfpack Weekly: MJ Edition

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RW Content

Chance's take on the ACCt and the upcoming NCAAt

Ep 190 - Baseball Hurts Chance’s Feelings
Chance gets deep. The return of Ed from LA. Where does baseball go from here?

Matt Coe and I did a members pod discussing the opportunity in front of NC State with Coach K's retirement.

Members Pod #9 - Coach K and NC State
Matt Coe and I talked about Coach K’s retirement announcement and what it means for NC State. Are we positioned to take advantage?

Chance has a great perspective on Avent.

Gotta Have It
The dust has settled. We take a look back at the weekend and what it all means for Elliot Avent.

Now on to the Weekly,  MJ Edition.

Dave Doeren reeled in a big fish this week by landing MJ Morris, a highly regarded QB from Georgia. Highly-regarded might be an understatement, he's the 3rd highest ranked QB commit in school history and the highest ranked commit from Georgia in the Doeren-era.

  • Highest Ranked uncommitted QB.
  • 14th in the Nation.
  • 4.7s 40yrd Dash
  • 40+ Offers

The second commit in this class and it is an absolutely huge get.  Morris' name will help NC State land other highly-regarded prospects, ie Michael Allen and Wesley Grimes.

Dave is pretty pumped about it.

So is Coach Beck

Supposedly he's free to play baseball as well, but we'll see how that shakes out.

24/7 had a good quote from Morris' Dad in their piece today

“Coach Beck being at Ohio State, Texas and Nebraska and his track record with quarterbacks, being under Urban Meyer, that went a long way,” Morris’s father Eddie told 247Sports. “He sold that to MJ and the quarterbacks he worked with.”
The 6-foot-2, 190-pound Morris will also play baseball at NC State. He plays third base and outfield.
“The head baseball coach called and said he did his research and if you early enroll I’ll let you play baseball in January,” the elder Morris said.

If you're so inclined. Here is his high-school film. The run at the 35 second mark is a what I love the most.

No idea, why it's only his sophomore year.

In other not so great MJ news, Keatts' best chance at landing a top 10 player has left the state.  MJ Rice from Franklinton, has transferred HS to prolific prep in California in anticipation of going straight to the professional leagues.  He's real good and had a real good relationship with NC State's staff to the point a lot of people thought he would end up in Raleigh. While there is still a chance, it's slim.

You win some you lose some I guess.

Pretty good piece of content here from the Pack social media team.

Bill Connely of ESPN had a piece on Payton Wilson in his 'most versatile players for 2021' article.

2021"Strong blitzers who can also beat you in coverageLB Payton Wilson, NC State. Wilson is basically a nickel back shaped like a small defensive end (6-4, 235). In 10 games he combined seven TFLs and seven run stuffs with 3.5 sacks and an 18% pressure rate, and while QBs targeted him quite a bit in pass coverage, that was a mistake: 22 pass attempts produced just 98 yards, two INTs and a QBR of 10.9.

No mention of playing with arms dangling from his sockets or his bazillion tackles but if Payton can stay healthy this year, look out, he'll be a sure fire NFL LB.

A bunch of hoops news dropped this week as well.

The Pack opens the season with Bucknell

NC State is set to face Purdue in Brooklyn early in the season, which won't end well.

Purdue basketball to face North Carolina State in Brooklyn
The matchup between Purdue and North Carolina State is one of four games to be played in Brooklyn on Dec. 12

The Shak Moore reunion game is also lining up as State is set to play in the Bahamas tourney with Maryland, Mississippi State and a team TBD.

We've also got a Charlotte event lined up

This might actually be the year that Keatts won't have to answer questions about weakass non-conference scheduling.

If you hadn't heard, Coach K is retiring. The Iron Throne of Tobacco Rd is about to be wide open.

Oddly enough, NC State is not scheduled to play Duke in PNC this year so we'll miss out on the farewell tour. Darn.

Here's my take on Coach K.

Twitter, social media, friends, sports news, podcasts are going to be unbearable talking about Coach K.

Duke has name John Scheyer as the coach in waiting and Maryland hoops had a great welcoming tweet for him.

Are we a Pac 12 School?  Why are we good at all the non-revenue sports but not the ones that matter?

NC State Tennis lands the nations #1 recruiting class. Tennis.

2 local kids and 3 euros. interesting

NCAA Baseball Tourney kicks off tomorrow. State plays at 2pm and did you know that an NC State baseball player struck out Babe Ruth? Tim Peeler drops gems