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Wolfpack Weekly: I love Philip Rivers Ed.

Philip Rivers, Scott Wood, Football Recruiting, and more. Including pieces from our friends @thewolfpacker, @insidepacksport and 24/7.
Wolfpack Weekly: I love Philip Rivers Ed.

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In case you missed it

Matt Coe took a look at Tobacco Rd's impending reshuffling with the Coach K retirement

Who Will Sit on the Tobacco Throne?
The ACC is changing and it will be wide-open. Who will take advantage? Is NC State in position to re-write the narrative or is winter coming to Raleigh? Matt Coe explores.

All the positive recruiting news got me thinking, is recruiting leveling up?

Is Recruiting Leveling Up?
Recruiting is the lifeblood of a program. Is NC State’s new staff leveling up? Here’s a clear sign that answers that question.

This week in Pods

Will and I talked about the boom in recruiting, Aunt Becky going to prison, my hate for Wake Forest and our golf games.

Ep 192 - Football Cruitin’, Golf, Wake Hate and Aunt Becky
Football recruiting is on fire. Wake is the devil. Aunt Becky and breaking down golf swings.

Chance and I took a look at NC State's regional victory and the upcoming Super Regional against super-team Arkansas.

Ep 193 - Baseball with Chance
Chance previews the Super Regional against Arkansas and discusses his love for New Jersey. Greensburra!

Yes And now on to the Wolfpack Weekly....

It is official podcast policy that anytime Philip Rivers is in the news, our content will start with whatever he's doing. If he starts farming cotton or takes up knitting as a hobby, it'll be first here.

Thankfully, he's not into knitting yet but instead is still engaging with NC State's football program from what looked like a Q&A with the team.

It is impossible to not envision Rivers as a college coach one day, I don't even know if he wants to be anything more than a high school coach but you just can't fake the love he has for football and the love he has for NC State.

My man crush. 

Other #PackPros are doing their part too. Nyheim Hines fanbois over Bam Knight in a social media series where Wolfpack Alums in the NFL come back and talk through plays with the new guys.

Hines is a great rep of NC State and seems like just a great dude in general.

Recruiting madness

NC State's recruiting is on a roll landing 3 more guys who sat atop of their recruiting board.

Nick Campbell, DL from Florida (4-star)

Torren Wright, LB 4-star, who UNC recruiting analyst called "unquestionably the best player in the state", but of course that was before he committed to NC State.

And Deajuan Thompson, LB from Whiteville. Thompson draws comparisons to Payton Wilson for his size (6-4, 180lbs) and his track speed at the position.

And they're not done yet. Steve over at IPS reports a LOAD of talent coming in this weekend to visit NC State, including 4-star RB Michael Allen who is on commitment watch. If you're into recruiting and haven't subbed to IPS yet, do it. The second-best NC State content out there 

One of those guys is Jackson Vick, a 5' 11" RB being recruited to play corner who you can see below absolutely posterizing some kids in a high school basketball game.

Our friends over at The Wolfpacker had a great breakdown of Bill Connelly's analysis of NC State, which Will and I talked about on the Ep 192 this week. Highly recommend reading their breakdown.

Last week in the weekly, we took a look at NC State's newest QB commit, MJ Morris.  Well Rusty Mansell of 24/7 had a great snippet about him:

"He has all the tools and a lot of ceiling left and is a dual-threat quarterback, in my eyes. It may be one of those situations where we look back in a couple years and ask, 'How did he get out of the state of Georgia,' because it happens a lot, and he's one of those kids who could have that type of college careers.
"He can go all the way to the top -- he has the tools. I'd like to see a little more accuracy and touch at times. But as far as arm strength and athletic ability, he's got it. One of the most important things playing quarterback is the ability to process, and M.J.'s a very high-academic, smart kid, so he can do that.
"He's a dual-sport athlete, too, and he also plays baseball at a very high level. I wouldn't limit him and say he doesn't have chance to play at the highest level, because he's going to have that opportunity, and he has all the physical attributes. MJ Morris could very well be a name everybody in the country knows in a couple years."

Optimisitic April is over but I'm still hyped about the potential of this team and here are two reasons why...

The linebacking group is loaded. Moore and Wilson are likely NFL LBers, Drake and Vi Jones are play makers and a ton of young talent behind them. Lets. Go!!!

NC State Baseball's TV Schedule

NC State opts out of the Shak Moore Reunion game. Just when we had hope that this schedule would actually be decent, Lucy pulled the ball again.

Around the ACC...

BC and Bama agreed to a Home and Home series for 2031 and 2034. That would make Nick Saban roughly 112 years old and of course he'll still be on on the sidelines.

Luke McCaffrey, yes CMC's brother, transfered from Nebraska to Louisville for roughly a week and is back in the portal. Weird to say the least.

A group of anonymous alumni donated $550,000,000 to Western Michigan. FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION....to WESTERN MICHIGAN.  I'm flabbergasted. Athletics is set to recieve $50,000,000 of that.  I'll go ahead and put this out there. If this site reaches 1,000,000 subs, I'll donate $50,000,000 to NC State Athletics.  Chance can finally have his baseball stadium upgrades and maybe I can get some LEDs in Carter Finley at the very least. So go ahead, forward this to your Wolfpack friends.  We're only 999,775 more subscribers away!

Wisconsin and Notre Dame's game being rescheduled and moved from Lambeau Field and how that affects NC State.  If, IF, NC State is 4-0 heading into the matchup vs Clemson, there is a very high possibility that ESPN's College Gameday could make their way to Raleigh.  The only real competition for interesting games that week was the Badgers and the Irish, so with that off the table, maybe we'll see the return of Gameday.  Although I must admit, I'm still not over that Devin Hester kick return....

Last buy not least, Scott Wood's Wolfblood team for The Tournament has picked up a plethora of NC State Alums to joing them, including CJ Williams, Cat Barber and Mr Clutch Trevor Lacey.

That's all for this week.

As always, thanks for supporting the site and the podcast.

GO Pack