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Wolfpack Weekly v10: Draft Week

Alim's draft day, Baylor swiping right on Wes Moore?, Shak Moore swiping left and right on the Portal, Mack Brown walking the fine line while recruiting, and Gottfried in trouble again.
Wolfpack Weekly v10: Draft Week

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Admittedly, it has been a slow week all around the sports world as the NFL Draft is dominating discussions but Chance and I slipped out a pod discussing NC State Baseball's resurgence and how his Young Sheldon hate gave him a big opportunity.

Ep 183 - Baseball on a roll, Chance’s big moment and Carter-Finley Upgrades
Check out the latest pod below. Baseball’s hot streak, Young Sheldon givesChance his big moment and food trucks are coming to Carter-Finley. Click the link to listen if the player doesn’t show up in your email[redwhitenetwork.com/ep-183-baseball-chance/]

Wolfpack What's Happening

There are two stories dominating the Wolfpack headlines this week, well maybe three.  Alim McNeil's draft day is approaching, Baylor wants Wes Moore, and Shak Moore's impending decision.


Alim didn't go in the first day, which is not terribly surprising as no DT was picked and he's always been projected as a Round 2 or Round 3 guy.

CBS Sports has a good story on Alim who will go down as a Wolfpack fan favorite for a long time.

NC State’s Alim McNeill is close to living his NFL dream
Some mock drafts have McNeill going as high as the second round while most feel he’ll be picked in the third or fourth round.

Baylor + Wes Moore

Baylor's Women's Basketball coach recently left to take the LSU job and yes, I spent time trolling through the Baylor WBB message boards, just for you all. Let me tell you, they have a very active women's basketball fanbase with very lofty expectations. There were a bunch of names thrown around like Geno Auriemma (UCONN), Dawn Staley (SoCar) and Wes Moore among others. Ambitious to say the least.

Now, it's not likely that Wes Moore leaves his best team that has a good chance at an ACC Title Threepeat and a National Title but he's making $750,000 at NC State and Baylor was paying their coach $2.2 million.  The money alone raises my eyebrows.

Taco Meter Scale of Wes leaving for Baylor: 🌮 (ain't happening)

The Other Moore, Shak

Shak Moore is leaving.

Wait the players convinced Shak to stay.

Nope, Shak is leaving again.

As the world turns, as it is dealing with 18-20 year old kids. There has been a lot of discussion about it in the Wolfpack-sphere this week and the #podchat is no exception.

Joe Giglio put out this tweet that told us nothing.

But as with all of these things, read between the lines. Paraphrasing "he has not put his name in the portal yet."  Keyword being "yet" and I'll add to that, he doesn't have to have his name in the portal for him to have told the coaches he is leaving.

The portal is a formality that requires paperwork and a compliance office.

When James at InsidePackSports and Cory at PackPride are vaguely beating around the bush about 'roster changes', you know something is in the works.

Add to that, Quincy Hall, dad of former NC State commit Josh Hall and close Shak Moore family friend, went on a Twitter tirade the other day targeted at no one directly but the #PodArmy was able to confirm directly that it was targeted at Keatts.


Now that last one is the most interesting. Shak played 19 minutes a game this year, how's that not 'an opportunity?'

I like Shak. I saw his upside if he wanted to work for it but I think the writing is on the wall and I'd expect a portal announcement very soon.

As a side note, I really hate the "I broke the story" or "We had it first" journalism we're seeing more and more. In the end it doesn't matter who had it first, with Twitter, everyone gets it at basically the same time. Add to that, I'm pretty sure most of us are hearing the same things from the same sources, it's all how that person chooses to run with it or not. It's a small community.

Correction: In last week's WW, I mentioned the May 1st deadline for athletes who want to transfer and play in the spring. Well, the NCAA made an exception for this year and that deadline is July 1st. Next year it will be May 1.

Gottfried in the news again

I'm pretty sure Jeff Goodman had a stiffy while writing this series of tweets trashing Gott and NC State. But can we take a moment to appreciate just how bad of a cheater Gottfried is?  How do you get busted, yet again, at Cal State Northridge? Who is even paying attention to Cal State Northridge basketball?

Goal Post Butt Wipes

Someone decided to wipe their butthole on the goalposts at Kenan Memorial in Chapel Hill......and make a gif of it. What a time to be alive.


Speaking of Butt Wipes in Chapel Hill.....

Mack Brown knows no limits when it comes to recruiting. Sometimes legal, sometimes not but this time, he pulled off a respectable recruiting move.

So while this is clearly a ridiculous recruiting rule, Mack found a loophole.

I haven't been able to confirm if this is true or not but a listener shared that Dave Doeren had already done the same and bought a house off of Lake Boone.  Dave had previously lived in MacGregor Downs (as does Keatts).

Kudos to Dave if true. He's really put an added emphasis on recruiting and big game hunting lately. I love to see it.

11th Hour Addition

Kansas just hired Buffalo's Coach

Pete Thamel's list for Buffalo includes Tim Beck.  This just came across twitter and I haven't had enough time to process this completely as I'm currently sitting in the rage-phase.  This better not happen. Not this year. Not Now.

Ugh.  Have a great weekend.