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Wolfpack Weekly v11: Canada Edition

Shak Moore, Canadian Draft madness, ACC Network is awful some more, and Boo's hair. Jam packed Wolfpack Weekly.
Wolfpack Weekly v11: Canada Edition

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ICYMI on the RWN

Anonymous coach calls Dave "outcoachable."  This is my rebuttal.

Dave Doeren Under Fire!
It’s been wild few weeks for Dave Doeren. Even when things are going well, there always seems to be someone coming at him. This week was no different, he’s basically Jon Snow.

Shak Moore hit the Portal

I wrote about what went down, what we're losing and my general feelings on the situation.

Thoughts: Shak Moore Leaving NC State
On-again / off-again Shak rumors finally come to fruition. What happened and what does it mean for NC State?

Will and I also did a Members-only Pod on the topic with a lot of smoker/grill talk

Ep 184 - Shak NoMoore (Members Pod)
Shak Moore hit the portal a little later than we thought but Will and I talk about our feelings and what it means for Keatts. Also Kamados vs Pellet grills.

Alim McNeil goes in the 3rd round to the Lions

Pete Thamel loves the pick, as Alim tops his best value picks on the defensive side.

Daniel Joseph gets drafted, still plays for NC State

Well, we all know that Canada as a whole doesn't make a lot of sense but the CFL draft is even more strange.

NC State Sr. Defensive End got picked 4th overall in the Canadian Football League draft on Wednesday. Apparently, the CFL team owns Joseph's rights whenever he's done at NC State if he doesn't get drafted to the NFL.

Even more weird. New Panthers RB, Chuba Hubbard was drafted in the 4th round of the NFL draft and the 5th round of the CFL draft. Huh?

No surprise, he's opted to stay with the Panthers.

ACC Network continues to be baffling

ACC Network put out a documentary on the Notre Dame Football program after being in the league for, wait for it, 1 - year. One. Freaking. Year.

RWN's Matt Coe unloaded on The ACCN on twitter but this one was my favorite

Skipped over Alim, what are you talking about Matt?  Oh, this....

So they put out tweets and clips about EVERY other draft pick except Alim McNeil's 3rd round selection.  At this point it has to be intentional. I refuse to believe they are that incompetent week after week.

Even Chance jumped in.  No Chance, I can't imagine it!

3 Star Nation

Of all the teams that sign the most 3-star football recruits, NC State has the 3rd highest percent drafted. Weird state but shows Dave's ability to identify and develop better than most other names on this list, including UNC.

Dave Doeren, Jim Grobe and Tom O'brien walk into a bar...

Nah, that's not the opening to a bad joke. The Peach Bowl Charity golf tourney actually had both TOB and DD and I wish I could have been in on that 4-some.

Somehow, Grobe and Dave shot 80 and still won $20,000 for the charity of their choice.

Baseball's not dead yet.

Chance says it best. Helluva turnaround.

Miss St projected to finish 6th in the SEC West.

More on this soon, but this Mississippi St. game is the biggest game in Dave's tenure and it's not even close. I hope his best/deepest team can beat the 6th place SEC West team.

Bam Knight believes in Optimistic April

Me too, Bam.  Me too.

Jeff Gravely interviews Boo

Gravely continues to put out the second best NC State content you can find. Nothing stands out too much here other than the fact that Boo is alive and does exist.

Spring 2021 Reflections with Boo Corrigan - NC State University Athletics
We came together, we adapted and we thrived. Director of Athletics <dfn><a href=”/staff.aspx?staff=2752″ rel=“smarttag” rev=“2752″>Boo Corrigan</a></dfn> sits down with <dfn><a href=”/staff.aspx?staff=2827″ rel=“smarttag” rev=“2827″>Jeff Gravley</a></dfn> to reflect on what our Pack has been able to…

I do have a question though, why does Boo's hair always look like he just woke up from a nap?

Punting is dead!

I'll be watching Presbyterian Football this fall, they just hired the guy who doesn't believe in punting!

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