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Wolfpack Weekly v4 - Harrison Beck Edition

Hot off the presses with lots of football action. Did you catch Harrison Beck's TikToking? Devin Leary back at practice? Joe Montana's NC State hoops dreams and more! Free for All.
Wolfpack Weekly v4 - Harrison Beck Edition

Good Morning Wolfpack fans, we're a day late with the WW as the NCAAT did a great job of killing all of my productivity yesterday.

Before we get into it, help me out and forward this email to one or two of your Wolfpack friends. I'll beg if I have to, but it really helps the site and pods grow.

In case you missed it, our 90 min premium pod with James Henderson from InsidePackSports.com was jammed full of info on transfers, guys going pro, coaching carousel, Boo and much more. Sign up to listen, it's a wild ride.  

Ep 173 - Members-Only - James Henderson from IPS
James Henderson from InsidePackSports.com joins Will and Evan for an enlightening conversation on all the transfer rumors, coaching rumors and much more that are swirling around NC State right now.

Chance also dropped his spot-on Louisville preview and I wrote why NC State should go all-in on the spring game if they want to change the trajectory of the football program.

He's Back

Devin Leary at spring practice brings joy to my eyeballs via Instagram.

The Throw God is back!

Former NC State QB is no longer on twitter but he's back and better than ever on TikTok. Should I get him on the pod? Lmk in the comments down below


Thirsty #ncstate

♬ original sound - The Throw God

He's got a whole queue of amazing videos on his page.

NC State QBs on the move.

Jacoby to the Dolphins, Finley to the Texans. Love these two and if you want some fun ready search twitter for their names. Their teammates love them too.

Joe Montana almost came to NC State to play basketball?

PackInsider did a good piece about Joe Montana's recruiting story. I had no idea.

Luck of the Wolfpack - Joe Montana Flipped from NC State to Notre Dame - Pack Insider
About 25 miles outside of Pittsburgh, sits Carroll Township and its five thousand residence. Like most townships that size; it’s quiet, remote and unworthy of any kind of extensive chronicling of events. It has, however, raised some notable athletes. First it was Stan Musial, then Ken Griffey Sr and…

Chase Claypool reppin' NC State

ACC Superstars miss the NCAAT

No, I'm not talking about GT's Moses Wright, self-proclaimed ACC Celebrities Ted Valentine affectionately known as TV Teddy and Wolfpack-hater Roger Ayers displayed the same good decision making off the court as they do on the court. They got to the NCAA bubble and when their rooms weren't ready they went out in public to dinner and got the 'Rona and promptly got removed from the Tourney. Ya Hate to see it.

This series of tweets deserves more attention

We'll probably do more on this in the summer but SFN summarized it well. NC State's leadership failed it at the absolutely worst time.

Thanks for reading and supporting the site. May your brackets never be busted.

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