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Wolfpack Weekly v6: Portals, Large Kickers, & Pro Days.

Hot of the internets, Transfer portal madness, extremely large kickers with connections to NC State, golf team domination and a bunch of football stuff. No Paywall.
Wolfpack Weekly v6: Portals, Large Kickers, & Pro Days.

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We've put out a ton of content this week but I want to highlight 3 in particular.

  1. Braxton and Farrar bounced out, Gantt bounced in.
Transfer Season: Farrawell Nick, Hello Greg!
Braxton and Farrar are out. Gantt is in, who is he and what does NC State do next?

2. Chance's fantastic piece that got the eyes and ears of the Athletic Department

The Brand: What Are We Doing Here? A Student’s Perspective.
In our continuing series on making NC State better, Chance dives into the student experience as a fan, how we can get better and the uplift it would bring to the university and all athletic programs. This is a must read for all so we’ve made it free members and non-members.

3. The one area NC State football must improve on, the offensive line. It was offensive last year so here are our early spring OL thoughts.

Way Too Early Football Thoughts: Offensive Line Edition
Taking a way to early look at the offensive line and why everything in the 2021 seasons rests on this unit developing.

First things First!

Roy retired! If you've been paying attention we've been hinting at it in posts for a few weeks. For some reason they decided to announce it on April Fool's day. Morons.

These fellas summarize WPN right about now.

Here's my quick thought on it:


Ton of things happening with the basketball team this week. Braxton Beverly decided to leave NC State for Eastern Kentucky. I'm sure this could be taken the wrong way but I think he simply wanted to finish up his career closer to home.

I was a Braxton apologist. I'm gonna miss him. It also brought us this wholesome moment between two Wolfpack great shooters

Much love.

Ebe Dowuona's brother hit the portal. Doubt much happens here but interesting none the less

ECU's Jayden Gardner also hit the portal and apparently has connections with Thayer and Drake Thomas.  He'd be a nice pickup for the Pack IMO

Thayer isn't the only one 'cruitin for the b-ball team, incoming freshman Breon Pass is friends with Jonas Aidoo, a big man who was previously committed to Marquette before they fired Wojo.

Lots of portal action still to come.......


NC State held their pro day this past week and apparently we had a 6'7" TE that could run a 4.8.  Anyone know who this guys is? I don't recall seeing him much.

The Spring Game is open to the public! Details here.

Dave Doeren gave some insights from spring practice (we'll have more on that next week) but this really stood out to me. If the light turns on for Savion Jackson, and it looked like it did at the end of last season, the DL is going to be stout.  Jackson, Durden, Harris, Vann, Clark, Dawkins et al.  Beefy!

Thayer Thomas' brother is lighting it up for Wake Forest (HS)

This might be my favorite random NC State story in a long time.

You might have seen the story about the 5 foot 5in 285lb power kicker taking over the internet.  

Well, see the little skinny holder?  You might not realize that guy is NC State's very own Ben Finley.

NC State hired a new assistant creative director, just so happens he did the EMCC reel for Last Chance U.  Check out his youtube channel here for more

David Thompson, not that one, has a fantastic piece on LB Jordan Poole.  Definitely worth the read.

NC State Golf is on a rampage

Winning back to back to back tournaments

And this one is just the epitome of the local media. They created a 'most cooperative with the media award' and gave it to NC State's Elissa Cunane. Good for her for winning it but that is classic triangle media to have that kind of award.

So weird. 

I don't know who this guy is but I'm instantly a big fan.  He dissected Sam Howell and that makes me smile.