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Wolfpack Weekly v7

NC State's new beer.
Wolfpack Weekly v7

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We dropped a members-only transfer portal pod this week and Will and I dug into the Spring Football Game on the latest pod

Should We Be Talking About This?
Something happened in NC State’s world that didn’t get enough attention and it is something I think we should talk about.
Why did Braxton's concussion not get discussed more?

Did you know?

NC State launched their own beer and I'm not talking Old Tuffy.  Howling Cow, the fantastic NC State Ice Cream is also a brewery.

thanks to the #podarmy for the screenshot


I want to lead with this story about Trent Pennix, a podcast favorite.  Jonas Pope of the N&O does a good job highlighting the potential this local-standout has and how he's working to be the best player NC State needs.

I think the last paragraph says it all

As a guy who got 500 carries in high school, Pennix admitted he misses getting the ball regularly.
“It would be lovely to get the ball (more),” Pennix said with a smile. “But like I said earlier, I’m just doing whatever helps the team.”
Pennix got 22 carries in four games in 2018, 13 in 2019 and one in 2020. In a lot of cases a player would transfer, seeking out more carries elsewhere. Pennix, who always felt he had a bigger role coming, never once thought about leaving N.C. State.
“I didn’t really think about all that negativity,” Pennix said. “I go in every practice thinking it’s a game and hope the coaches realize my intentions of staying and helping this team are real. I’m really loyal to this program and there’s really no other program I would want to play with.”

Let's be clear though, there is only one JaySam and comparing others to him is just unfair to both. Pennix has his own set of skills so while he might be used in a variety of positions, anyone calling him, or anyone, 'the next JaySam' is out of line.

NC State went to Chapel Hill and stole their creative media director. Mike Jones.


Dave Doeren with a sneaky move to hold a "last minute" open practice that was entirely created to allow 4-star prospect MJ Morris to see a live practice legally.

Pack Football to Hold Open Practice - NC State University Athletics
Practice will begin at 9 a.m. at the outdoor practice field on Westchase Blvd.


Baby T gets invited to the Allen Iverson All-Star game and surrounded by some legit competition. I'm interested to see how he holds his own as it is a nice step up from NC-2A competition.

Former Pack assistant Sean Miller was fired for being a loser.

Criminoles are back in action.

Can we take a minute to talk about everything that is outrageous about Lincoln Riley's brisket tweet?  This is an abomination to brisket-lovers everywhere.

I highly recommend reading the responses.  Hilarious.

Here are a few good ones

Books Koepka posing on the golf course gets noticed