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ACC Baseball Championship & the Avent Conundrum

Truly one of the all-time great coaches and one of the all-time great "NC State guys." A wolfpacker through and through, how much does Avent have left in the tank?
ACC Baseball Championship & the Avent Conundrum

NC State Baseball lost in yet another ACC Championship to yet another triangle team. It's almost hard to believe at this point but here we are, and this has sparked a very engaging conversation in the #podchat #baseball channel that lead me to write this.  

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I wrote this before the NCAA snub but that doesn't change much of what's below. Listen to the latest pod ep for more on that.

ACC CG Thoughts

I'm really not that upset that we lost. I'm more so angry that it had to, of course, be to Carolina. Had you told me at the beginning of this tournament we'd make it to the championship game I would've taken it immediately regardless of the result. I think they outperformed expectations quite a bit so I'm happy with the overall performance this week. However, that doesn't make fumbling the opportunity at winning an ACC Championship any easier to deal with.

Don’t get the decision to start Whitaker. If you were going to go with Willadsen I don't get why they didn't start him to begin with. Two of the best starts of his career have been against Carolina and Whitaker didn't look good against them earlier this year. Felt like he was skating out of every inning by the skin of his teeth. Hind sight obviously 20/20 for Villaman probably should have gotten the start (more on that below).

In the end,  I don’t think it was some grand UNC destiny to win that game, we just didn’t show up and not making the NCAA’s on top of that is just a big kick in the baseballs.

What does that mean for Avent?

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