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Ep 270 - Recruiting Momentum, Expectations and a lot of Questions

The weird similarity between NC State and Michigan, Recruiting Momentum, ACC Life Expectancy, plenty of shots at ECU, expectations and a whole lot of listener questions.
Ep 270 - Recruiting Momentum, Expectations and a lot of Questions

Will and I talk about NC State's recruiting momentum, where the ACC goes from here and expectations for this year.  We also answer all the listener questions we neglected for the last few weeks.

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  1. Who on the offensive line could surprise us in a good way this year? Zavala, Cooper, etc?
  2. Texas Tech game concerns me, I don't want to come out flat like games in the past. I think they hired a strong staff. Will that game demonstrate the maturity of the team or where our program is?
  3. Dave is now a decade in and now a lot of the ACC schedule feels like a W. A lot different from the first half of his tenure. Is the next step feeling confident in the MS State or South Carolina games? Keeping it close with Clemson every year?
  4. Has there been any discussion with Thunder and reducing injuries?
  5. What is the most important thing that has to change with this staff this year?
  6. What conference will be stronger in 2023 Big 12 or ACC?

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