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Ep 273 - ECU Preview with The Bone Yard Podcast

Do ECU fans hate the Wolfpack the most? Is ECU actually good again? Is there better BBQ than Skylight Inn? We discuss this and more with The BoneYardPodcast
Ep 273 - ECU Preview with The Bone Yard Podcast

Jared from the BoneYardPodcast joins us to talk about:

  • The state of ECU Football
  • All-time ECU QBs and where Holten Ahlers ranks
  • Outlook on the Pirate's season
  • NC State game outlook
  • Heirarchy of Hate for Pirate fans.

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ECU 2022 schedule - https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/east-carolina/2022-schedule.html

ECU QB Rankings - https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/east-carolina/passing.html

ECU RB - Keaton Mitchell 2021 stats https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/keaton-mitchell-1/gamelog/2021/